Thursday, March 18, 2010

2 days until Spring!

It's coming! And, the weather we're having proves it. It's currently 45 degrees in WW. We'll see 60+ today as well. Even though the mainland will see the 70's, the WW's will remain cooler thanks to the ocean temperatures keeping us cooler thermally. Even cooler yet is this afternoon when the air shifts and the seabreeze kicks in and turns our 60+ degrees into the 50's. This weather pattern will repeat itself for the next few days. Anyone visiting WW this weekend should keep in mind...WW doesn't feel quite as summery as everyone else. It's all good though. There's definitely reason to enjoy the Shore as sun, blue cloudless skies and the sea air abound...a feast for the senses!


ryder said...

Love the new header!

Jim Anders said...

photo makes me think, Kathy, that "all signs point to Spring"! Hope this posts (third try).