Friday, March 19, 2010

Birds are back!

Seems like the countdown to Spring's been going on forever. It's obvious we've made it; especially after surviving last month. Even more especially walking in from work yesterday and seeing my better half out back in an adirondack chair facing the sun and wearing only running shorts and a smile. (I'd post his photo but he won't allow it.) No shirt, no shoes, hands behind his head and happily soaking it up! It was hard to believe that just 33 days ago that adirondack was nowhere to be found in a snow drift. On a warmer note, WW's currently 40 degrees and going to 60+ with sun-a-blazing again and azure skies. Repeat of yesterday as the afternoon seabreeze will bring the temps down to the 50's. Just gorgeous. San Francisco weather baby. ONE MORE DAY UNTIL SPRING!


Henry H. Turtle said...

hey, nice header banner! very spring-ish. and yes, very san francisco weather.

Ann Delaney said...

Good comparison with San Francisco weather- I still need a hat and gloves for an early evening walk on the beach. I kayaked in the back bay yesterday- usually have to wait until late April :)