Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Repeat of yesterday with Coastal Flood Warning still in effect

WW will remain wet and windy today. Rain showers will continue off and on throughout the day and finally diminish by days end. The Coast will remain under a Flood Warning this morning. The Dipper says it will be difficult to determine the difference between run-off flooding and tidal flooding as they will be neck and neck. The full moon makes the flooding that much worse as high tides will be 8-10 a.m. this morning. The winds will gust to 20-25mph creating a bit of sandblasting...refreshing the complexion. As we enjoy our freshly sloughed skin, consider shopping for some sunblock since the upcoming forecast will certainly require it. Summer will give us a sneak peak by the end of the week. It's coming...82 more days until Summer!


Jim Anders said...

What does the "Dipper" dip? And where does he dip it? Also, what was his last Halloween costume? A candle? A popsicle? I give up.

Jim Anders said...

This is called "Double Dipping". Am I getting warmer?