Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Flirting with 90's again

Mornin'! It's currently 73 degrees in WW as the sun makes its grand entrance. Temps are expected to reach the high 80's and may hit the 90's once again. Breezes from the South at 5mph. 85% humidity out there, so it's sounding like a warm one is in store at the shore. It'll be sunny and hot throughout today. Rains could come this evening and/or overnight which will cool things off again; plus they could stick around tomorrow. Heading to the beach? High tide is this morning at 9:45 and low tide is this afternoon at 3:43p.m. Ocean temp is a warm 79 degrees. Sounds like a beach day. Don't forget your beach gear...umbrella, footwear, water, sunblock, sandchair, blanket, radio, something to read and money for the fudgy wudgy man. See you on the beach!


Jim Anders said...

After the photos from the 20's I just sent you, my mind went to flirting with the "Gay '90's". Eighteen-90's- that is.

Henry H. Turtle said...

A chaco-taco for me, please!

Kathy said...

I hate Chaco-tacos. Yuk. Give me the ice cream sandwich. And, not a Chipwich either!