Friday, August 27, 2010

Danielle, Earl and Fiona

Mornin' and Happy Friday! Oh's gonna be a good one. Probably a "10" for the weekend beginning today. Sun, sun and more sun coming this way. The heat's on as another heatwave is in gear heading toward WW. It's currently a very comfortable 60 degrees and will reach the mid-upper 80's. This could be a trend as the next 5 days could be the exact same forecast. Breezes will be in the 10-15mph range coming from the north. High tide is 9:45a.m. and Low tide: 3:55p.m. as ocean temp remains around the 75 degree mark. A few things though...Danielle, Earl and Fiona...all tropical storms and/or hurricanes out in the Atlantic reeking havoc in their paths. Danielle and Earl will be felt off the coast of WW beginning this weekend. The ocean will have much bigger waves, rough surf and rip currents. Pay close attention to lifeguards. If caught in a rip current (swept up in a current that you have no capabilities of escaping as it pulls you further out to sea) swim parallel to shore inside the current until it releases you then swim to shore. I know any surfers are salivating right about now if they're reading this and I'm sure already know the score just knowing 3 storms are in the Atlantic! Be careful and happy Dippin'!

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