Monday, September 27, 2010

Gray and Dreary Monday

Mornin'! A couple yesterday's forecast pretty much wrong as we were supposed to be skirted and get hardly any rain/sprinkles. But, wound up getting some major rainfall throughout the afternoon and evening. And 2nd, be thankful if you didn't book this week for your vacation in WW as these rains aren't going anywhere for awhile. This week looks pretty much like a washout. We could see some periods of sun here and there but there's tropical moisture coming up the eastern coast (much like a gentle nor'easter) and will continue to travel through WW just about the entire week. It's currently 68 degrees and will go into the 70's with high humidity (98%) and a light breeze of 10-15mph from the South/Southeast. Each day this week looks like the same forecast so keep your flipflops and umbrella handy for getting around. High Tide:10:19a.m.; Low Tide:4:50p.m.; Ocean Temp:73degrees. Mondays are tough enough...but today's drearies will make it that much harder. I'm keeping my focus on the great weekend I just had.

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Henry H. Turtle said...

bar hopping purses? WTF is that?