Friday, September 10, 2010

So it begins...

Mornin'! Happy Friday. It's the end of a beautiful week and the beginning of a partly beautiful weekend at the Shore. It's the beginning of the Roar to the Shore weekend as the Harleys have begun to infiltrate the island. And...the best of will be the beginning of a shared lifetime together as our daughter marries tomorrow. (Perfect weather for that wonderful occasion too!) This blog will cover today, tomorrow and Sunday as I'm leaving town for the event. So for the's currently 64 in WW this morning as the sun's struggling to be seen with the cloud cover at the horizon. There's a break in the clouds though which is making for a gorgeous, colorful sunrise. Temps will rise to the mid-upper 70's as the clouds do stick around most of today. Breezes could get gusty as 25mph later on...hold onto to those sissybars! Low tide: 4:19p.m. and High tide: 10:19a.m.; ocean temp still in the mid 70's.

Tomorrow (9/11-Saturday-Wedding Day as well as my own Wedding anniversary!), very similar to today (temps: mid 70's) without the overload of cloud cover and much lighter breezes at 8mph from the east. Low tide: 5:13p.m.; High tide: 11:09a.m. (bow of the head for those enduring the terror of 9/11).

Sunday, begins with lots of clouds and will stay that way until the rains arrive. One forecaster is saying by 11a.m. the rains will begin in WW. But, another forecast says after 3p.m. Don't know what to tell you there as your guess is as good as mine. But, if I came to WW on a Harley, I'd be checking out early and getting on the road to avoid the rains because they're inevitable. High tide:12:01p.m.; Low tide:6:10p.m.

So Happy Weekend! See ya back here Monday. (With wedding stories and pix!)

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Jim Anders said...

Tradition is not worshipping some ancient ashes. It is carrying a fire forward. This is how I see these co-anniversaries.
Carry on. Carry forward. Congratulations.