Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Summery Tuesday

Mornin'! It looks like another summer-like day in WW as we celebrate the "Jewel" of the year. It's currently 60 degrees and heading to the mid 80's by this afternoon. Mostly sunny, warm and breezes are heading this way at 10-20mph for the NNW. As I type though...not a leaf is moving on the trees out front; still, calm and mild out there and the smell of the sea is very intense. High tide:1:04p.m.; Low tide:7:36p.m.; Ocean temp:73 degrees. Another nice day and possibly a beach day with those warm breezes. But, I'd pack the insect repellant and bungee to hold down the beach umbrella. I'm keeping an eye on Igor...next storm out in the sea heading in our direction. This storm will be creating the upcoming weekend's rough surf, rip currents and huge waves! Just in time for Fireman's Weekend.

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