Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fallish Feel Today

Mornin'! Happy Hump Day! It's currently 57 degrees in WW as the star-lit sky (the Big Dipper greeted me through the skylight this morning) is just waiting for Dawn to take over this morning. It'll be cooler today with a clear, sunny, fallish feel to the day. Temps will be in the low-mid 60's with breezes coming from the North at 10mph; then from the East later. Leaves on the trees have begun their show of color. Every now and then, the aroma of wood burning can be smelled along with the sea air. It certainly appears that today will have that "Fallish Feel". High tide: 12:32p.m.; Low tide:7:09p.m.; Ocean temp: 67 degrees. The weekend's looking much like today but breezier. Tomorrow...pack an umbrella. Photos: same photo, but what a difference a weather day makes.

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Jim Anders said...

Last night, when people left the garage, I said, "Happy Holiday!"
"Holiday? What Holiday?"
"Hump Day Eve."