Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Twelth of Tuesday

Mornin'! WW's very wet and still and quiet outside this morning. It's 66 degrees (same as the ocean temp) with not one breeze. Wet leaves are laying on the ground from the overnight rain and thunderstorms as nature provided a strob-light show while WW slept. Well..that is most of WW as I was awakened and got to see some of the show. Temps will rise into the 70's again today. It will be partly sunny as clouds may enter the mix as there's 30% chance of rain today. Right now though the skies are clear and star-filled as it's the darkest before dawn and doesn't appear cloudy as sunrise is less than an hour away. Breezes will come later from the NNE at 6-10mph. High tide:11:38a.m.; Low tide:5:55p.m. Looking good to be out and about today...at least partly.

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Jim Anders said...

Your photos today are so beautiful that I e-ed them to St Louis (my sister, Tina, and her friend, Sue).