Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunny Sunday Start

Mornin'! Nascar Season officially begins today! (that's Florida though) It's currently 30° in Wildwood, NJ this bright sunny Sunday morning. It'll go into the mid-upper 40's today. Winds have backed off a bit. It's now "breezy" with winds still coming from the NW at 15-20mph. Those winds will shift later from the SW by early evening and by late evening the rain showers will begin and hang out all through the night into tomorrow morning. It won't be a complete washout for President's day though as the sun will return by late morning. High tide: 8:39a.m.; Low tide: 2:59p.m.; Ocean temp: 44°. 28 days until Spring!


Jim Anders said...

The rain hung out on the corner, smoking cigaretes and appearing shiftless.

Jim Anders said...

Mortified at the missing 't' in 'cigarettes', above, I offer Mort my apology.