Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More of the "Jewel" as August bids adieu!

Mornin'! It's get this...59° in Wildwood this morning! Amazing how the "Jewel" begins to radiate subtly over the island. It'll be pretty much a repeat of yesterday this last day of August. Sun's about to rise; sky will be blue with hardly a cloud in it today. Temps will just tap 80°. Hardly a breeze at the moment as breezes will be minimal at 10mph out of the North a bit later, then switching from SE this afternoon. A lovely, pleasant day on the island. So far this's been perfect weather. Lucky folk who made it through Hurricane Irene and had a vacation! Tides: High...9:42a.m.; Low...3:55p.m.; Ocean temp...74°; Sunset: 7:29p.m. Weekend's still looking like it may hold out and provide some lovely weather, although humidity's going to build a bit and that ol' chance of thunderstorms will be hanging out as we celebrate Labor Day weekend. Still amazingly quiet on the island, but vacationers and visitors and tourist have been arriving fillng up the island as they begin to bid adieu to end of August and the summer season...the "Jewel" that is.


Jim Anders said...

The 3 puffs of cloud in today's photo look like they were "air"-brushed in.

Jim Anders said...

...which of course, they were. D'uh.