Friday, August 12, 2011

Simply Suntastic Summer Day!

Mornin'! The Title's not my words...they're the Dipper's. It's a very comfortable 65° this early morning. Sun just rose over the horizon. No breezes to write about. Humidity's down. And, once again the Gulls are celebrating everywhere. When it comes to respecting those of us on vacation who would like to sleep in...the Gulls could care less. Some of us like to hear them regardless of what time they're celebrating and some of us simply sleep through their early morning screeching. Temps will rise into the mid-80's. Humidity will stay down. Breezes will begin blowing over the island from the North, then turn to a seabreeze at 10-15mph. Tides...High:7:24p.m.; Low1:11p.m.; Ocean temp:77°; Sunset:7:58p.m.; Moonrise:7:09p.m. (Full Moon is tomorrow); Meteor Showers: 10p.m.-5a.m. (It's the annual Perseids Meteor Shower weekend)...keep your eyes to the sky (Easterly). Weekend's looking half great; half...not so great as Saturday will repeat today pretty much and Sunday looks rainy. For today'll be simply "Suntastic"! Oh...don't litter the island...pick up that trash. Perhaps even if it isn't your be nice if you'd pick that up too!


Jim Anders said...


Jim Anders said...

Her Toes-is Are Roses

Sticking Out of the Sand.

I am so very glad, so very very glad

that they don't add up to Twelve.

Kathy said...

Jim's back!