Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sun's fading fast

Mornin'! It's 73° this morning as the day presents the sun. It looks likes it could be a quick show as clouds are in the wings waiting to join in the performance. It'll be mostly sunny this morning but by this afternoon...mostly cloudy. As the day progresses so does the chance of afternoon showers and/or thunderstorms (30%). It'll be warm and muggy with humidity thrown in as temps rise into the mid-upper 80's. S-SW winds will be blowing in at 15-20mph with some gusting. Once the rains begin, they'll continue right into the wee hours of Friday morning. High tide:5:12p.m.; Low tide:10:38a.m.; Ocean temp:77°; Sunset:7:42p.m.; Outdoor activities: first half of the day. Second half of the day: packing the bags for a possible weekend vacation off the island. After this morning, we probably won't see the sun until Monday as the weekend's looking like a washout. By that I mean...The Wildwood's will be visited by either a tropical storm or a hurricane along with a New Moon. The trajectory of the hurricane Irene is being closely monitored. So mandatory evacuations have been issued. Oh...Virginia was hit with another 4.5 earthquake (aftershock) early this morning! Woe is me!

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Jim Anders said...

Thinking about changing religions: Pretzelterian to Quaker.