Wednesday, January 4, 2012

One Word...."Brrrrrrrrr"

Mornin'! It's 21° in Wildwood at the moment. Now, where the hell did I put the gloves that I cut the fingers off? This keyboard is cold! It's brrrrr and that's "IN" the house! This is a very cold seashore house. There's a W-NW breeze at 10mph creating a little chill factor...8°. Outside that is! The Sun is due up in an hour and the ocean is still 50° and the island's still insulated. Forecasters are saying a high of 30° today. Winds will ramp up at bit later coming from the West; then this afternoon, W-SW at 10-20mph bringing along clouds and possibly some flurries. I'm thinking the Parsley and Mint plants that were still thriving outside up until yesterday are done. High tide:3:55p.m.; Low tide:10:06a.m.; Ocean temp:50°; Sunset:4:52p.m. 76 days until Spring!


Henry H. Turtle said...

Nippy is right! Bring back those butterfly days!

Jim Anders said...

Time for the last Mint Julep of the season.