Saturday, January 21, 2012

Weird Winds in Wildwood (say that fast 3 times)

Mornin'! It's 39° in WW. It's just becoming light out as the cold rains are being carried by the pelting winds. (S-SE at 10-15mph w/20mph gusts). During the night as I walked around peeking out the windows, I saw the "mix" everyone was talking about. Big wet snowflakes were hitting the skylight window in the wee hours. We received no coating or icing as it's turned out to be a rain event on the island. Temps will get up into the low 40's today as the winds play a bit of havoc. By noon they'll switch up and do a 180° coming from the NW at 20mph, then by evening switch up again coming from the N-NE still at 20mph with 25mph gusts. I'd definitely go with "bad hair day" or better yet...homemade soup making day! It'll stay cloudy and mostly wet this first half of the weekend. Tomorrow's looking like the better of the 2 days as the sun will return as the raw wetness exits. High tide:6:21a.m.; Low tide:12:38p.m.; Ocean temp: 49°; Sunset:5:09p.m.; 59 days until Spring!

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Jim Anders said...

One of the Weather Girls was at the Hall tonight. I so wanted to say, "It's raining Snowflakes."