Wednesday, January 2, 2013

78 days until Spring

Mornin'!  It's 33° under cloudy skies in Wildwood this early morn.  No moon.  No stars.  Just clouds.  It'll be mostly cloudy today with a 10% chance of a sprinkle.  There's also a chance of breaks of sun peeking through today as the rest of the week looks mostly sunny.  Today though...everyone's saying mostly cloudy.  Remains to be seen. Temps aren't going anywhere as they'll be staying in the mid-high balmy 30's and be much colder than they have been.  Layer up I say.  No breezes to write about but they'll start showing up later this morning from the NW at 15-20mph.  78 days until Spring!
High tide: 10:37a.m.
Low tide:4:50p.m.
Ocean temp:49°

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