Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mild winters' day!

Before beginning my blog, I've included a link to my sister's latest craft project.  For anyone interested in surprising their favorite little tyke with these most adorable tooth fairy bears (dolls), this is your lucky day.  Sis has made each bear and whale with handcrafted love and is there nothing more adorable than this precious gift for those little ones you love who have "summer" teeth?  Speaking of which is 135 days away!
It's 39° in WW as the sky is mostly cloud filled but there are plenty of breaks in them as you can see stars here and there this early morn.  Love the clouds like this in the morning and evening as they usually make the best sunrises and sunsets.  It'll be mostly cloudy today with peeks of sun in the breaks (sunnier tomorrow).  Temps will just increase a degree or two just tapping 40°.  Breezes are nothing to write about but they'll shift throughout the day beginning now from the W-NW then shifting from the N-NW then by this evening..NE all around 5-7mph.  Snow flurries are forecasted for late tonight.  They said that last night but nothing in Wildwood.  High tide:3:18p.m.; Low tide:9:16a.m.; Ocean temp:43°; Sunset:5:27p.m.

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dodi said...

The beary fairy would like to thank you for your kind review of my critters on your blog! Stop by anytime.