Friday, May 23, 2014

Happy Memorial Weekend!

Mornin'!  Happy Memorial Weekend! It's 61° again.  It feels much cooler than yesterday morning as the winds are crying Mary.  They're wifting (I mean wafting) over the island from the NW at 17-22mph under a cloud covered sky.  It looks and feels like it's going to start raining any moment.  Not a perfect looking start to a holiday weekend, but from every forecast I've just checked, today will develop into a nice one.  It'll be party cloudy today with a 20% chance of a scattered shower or two.  Temps will barely reach the upper 60s.  Winds will be hanging out all day too...NW at 15-20mph.  Most forecasts (except for one) said we'll see Ms Sun shining later by this afternoon.  So a cool partly-mostly cloudy day to kick off Memorial Weekend... a mix of the not-so-nice with the nice stuff.  Tomorrow...nicer and Sunday and Monday even nicer as it's going to become more sunnier and a tad warmer (high 60s-low 70s).  It'll be one of the nicer Memorial Weekends I think.  Safe travels!
High tide:4:32p.m.
Low tide:10:04a.m.
Ocean temp:62°

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