Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ash Wednesday-New Moon-Hump Day

Mornin'!  It's 10° in Wildwood this first day of Lent.  Winds are light and variable (North 4-6mph) that means 1° in Wildwood.  It's clear and starlit without any signs of the Moon.  That's because it's the New Moon and exceptionally dark moon this month.  In other words...not a sign of the moon tonight.  It's so wintry outside.  Everything's covered in snow and now hard and crunchy.  Cars make lots of noise as the meander down the icy snow tracks in the streets.  I keep wondering what's happening under all that piled up snow in my Spring Bulb Garden.  Considering the week we're having, today will be a "relatively warm" and a quiet day, with light winds and seasonably cold temperatures. A mix of clouds and sunshine with highs around 30° are on the menu today. Still below freezing, but a break from the bitter cold and some sun should create some meltdown.  Tonight winds will be out of the W-SW at 20-30mph w/gusts of 40+mph.snow showers and squalls will arrive with our next arctic front. A quick coating to perhaps an inch or two of snow (in the heavier squalls) is possible.   The BITTER cold follows late tonight as temps drop back into the teens. We're also looking at a bitter cold weekend.  Oh... and that New Moon...well we're going to see tidal flooding but I'm not sure how the ocean and those harbors, bays and marshes will react to the tides moving towards us with this big freeze as everything's frozen. 
High tide:7:05a.m
Low tide:1:14p.m.
Ocean temp:36°

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