Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Winter Storm on Faschnaught

Frozen Delaware Bay
Mornin'!  It's 12° in Wildwood.  It's white outside.  It's been snowing since bedtime last evening.  I've checked radio and websites and for the most part it appears as though all Wildwood schools are closed due to the snow.  It's a bit primitive in that the research to find out if there are school closing is mixed and confusing.  There's not much in local postings now without a local news station on TV and the internet is basically not saying much.  Margaret Mace school is closed for sure.   Anyway...were cold and wet and snowy.  There's about 7-8" of the white stuff covering the island.  It's light and fluffy and easy on the lower back for shoveling.  It's supposed to continue to snow throughout the morning (70% chance) and by this afternoon...be outta here!  It looks like it'll remain cloudy as temps will rise into the mid-upper 20s with N-NE winds at 10-15mph. Tonight...overcast and cloudy with temps dropping into the teens and winds shifting from the N-NW.  We may see a bit of sunshine tomorrow as another snow event may pass through tomorrow evening.  Happy Shrove Tuesday...Lent begins tomorrow!
High tide:6:14a.m. and 6:42p.m.
Low tide:12:24p.m.
Ocean temp:35°
Footnote: Reports are in.... All schools on the island are closed today.  And, we got 7-8 inches of snow not the 4-5 inches that I thought.  All reports are coming in and the island of Wildwood got more snow accumulation than I originally posted.  

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