Sunday, February 15, 2015

Winter Weather Advisory, Wind Chill Advisory, High Wind Warning

Mornin'!  It's 11° in Wildwood.  Let's add the wind to that (W-NW) at 25-40mph with 50mph gusts = -14° out there in the winter tundra.  There are advisories all over the place this morning.  I'm surprised my home is still secure as this intensity started before bedtime last night.  As I sit here I saw a part of someone's house siding blowing down the street wreaking havoc.  There's snow outside along with those winds.  It's not much (1-3") but the winds have created some 3-4" of drifting snow.  Hey, I'm not complaining as our Northern neighbors are once again being pummeled as our coast missed the blizzard bullet again.  Most of my street and property isn't even snow covered due to the winds.  But, let me tell's much more than a blustery morning out there.  These winds could pick up and carry a chihuahua away...scary for those little guys.  When my little pooch went out and raised his leg, he almost got some air time!  So, with all that said, I'm sorry to say that all forecasts are saying these winds are staying checked in until at least tomorrow morning when they simmer down to 25mph.  By Monday night...they'll be light and variable as 5-8" of the white stuff is supposed to hit the coast Monday night and Tuesday.  I'm keeping my eye on that next one.  For today...sunny and W-I-N-D-Y (NW 46-53mph) as temps will stay just about were they are now...low teens.  Tonight...single digits and winds and that's a painful wind chill factor!  Ol' Man Winter is showing his nasty self as Spring begins to peek around the corner (33 days until Spring).  Be careful out there!
High tide:4:49p.m.
Low tide:10:38a.m.
Ocean temp:37°

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Jim Anders said...

It's snowing Chihuahuas and Persians!