Monday, February 29, 2016

À bientôt February!

Mornin'!  It's 44° in Wildwood.  Happy Leap Year! See you in four years!  Wildwood is under clear brightening skies with Ms Sun about to rise and shine. No breezes to note as it's still and quiet except for the distant sound of the ocean waves crashing. That ol' briny beach-cooking aroma is heavy when you walk outside. We're supposed to be under cloud cover with light showers coming down and winds out of the West at 22-30mph.  Forget all that for now as none of that's happening at the moment. It's actually a lovely, clear morning and a nice way to begin the week and end the month.  By Noon today though there's a 60% chance of showers as clouds roll in sometime later this morning along with westerly winds at 26-39mph.  Temps will get into the mid-upper 50s as the clouds insulate us later.  Tonight...clearing with temps back into the upper 40s and breezes out of the West at 14-17mph. 
High tide:12:11p.m.
Low tide:5:45p.m.
Ocean temp:39°
Footnote: It's 1:45p.m. and we never had those ominous clouds and/or rain showers like predicted.  In fact, it' 61° this lovely, blue sky afternoon.  I just checked the doppler and nothing coming our way either.  It's a beauty to get out and enjoy this almost Spring-like weather!

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