Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Mix

Mornin'!  It's 38° in Wildwood NJ.  Like yesterday's clear and starlit with a light breeze out of the E-SE at 3-5mph.  Today will be mostly sunny along with some cloud cover and a high of 50° with blustery winds out of the South at 15-25mph. Tonight...mostly clear with some cloud cover in the mix as temps drop into the mid-upper 40s with breezes out of the S-SW at 12-18mph.  Now the forecasts are saying that the weekend's looking kind of gray but now the possibility of rain isn't until Sunday evening (50% chance).  Tomorrow looks partly cloudy with (if you're lucky) peeks of sun and warmer (low 60s) and Sunday...cloudy (no peeks of sun) but cooler with temps in the upper 40s.  March seems to be unsettled as she's winding down.
High tide:6:19p.m.
Low tide:11:56a.m.
Ocean temp:42°

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