Thursday, June 1, 2017

Welcome June!!!

Mornin'!  It's 64° in Wildwood NJ.  Happy to see June and I know we're all counting on her to bring us fairer, more seasonable weather than May!  We're kicking off this fresh, new month with overcast skies and calmness (no breezes to note).  The seagulls sound very happy to have some nice weather on tap. Even though we're dry this morning, everything is damp from the sea's moisture blanketing the island.  The outdoor plants couldn't be happier.  These current clouds will give way to sunhine today as temps get up into the low-mid 70s with breezes out of the W-SW at 7-11mph.  Tonight...clear as temps drop into the low-mid 60s with breezes out of the W-NW at 4-6mph.  Tomorrow and Saturday look to have the same forecast as today.  Sunday may have a bit more cloud cover but doesn't look like the washout first forecasted.
High tide:2:48p.m.
Low tide:8:19a.m. and 8:40p.m.
Ocean temp:61°
UV Index: "8" High

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