Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Clouds Giving Way!

Mornin'!  It's 42° in Wildwood NJ.  We're under cloud cover with no breezes to note.  By the looks of things, it appears we had some rain showers or major fog/mist as everything's wet and drippy.  At the moment...just clouds and quiet and of course the sounds of the ocean waves crashing the coast in the background.  Thankfully, it'll feel much warmer today as clouds will give way to Ms Sun as she's scheduled to return by late morning - midday and she'll certainly warm things up after these couple of gray, damp days. Plus, temps will be warmer hovering around the 50° mark.  Breezes will be light out of the NW at 10-12mph.  Tonight...clear with temps around where they are now with breezes out of the N-NW at 10-12mph.  Tomorrow...pretty much the same as today.  Maybe Spring is really upon us now!
High tide:4:55p.m.
Low tide:10:34a.m.
Ocean temp:43°

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