Wednesday, May 2, 2018

First Real Taste Of Summer!

Mornin'!  It's 56° in Wildwood NJ.  It's sunny and bright with hardly a breeze (S-SW 3mph) and a perfectly lovely start to the day.  Lots of happy, yappy birds outside making their presence known in the salty air.  If yesterday was a tiny taste of summer as the temps got into the mid-70s (no typo), then today will be an ever bigger serving with temps going up into the mid-upper 70s maybe even tapping 80°!!!  Expect loads of sunshine (keep the sunblock handy) and breezes out of the W-SW at 8-10mph.  All the windows will be open again today! Tonight...upper 50s / low 60s with clear moonlit skies and S-SW breezes at 13-15mph.  Take precautions today regarding those red-flag postings for everything being "extremely dry" as forest fires (in the Pinelands on the mainland) are very probable if you're not aware.  Don't even think about tossing that cigarette butt out the car window on the drive to the shore today and the next few days.  Tomorrow and Friday's weather..more of the Spring-like stuff but not quite as warm as today.  The weekend's looking gray and wet.  Mostly gray on Saturday with showers later in the day and rain all day Sunday.  There's no doubt in my mind that the beaches would be majorly inhabited if today's weather was this weekend's forecast.
High tide:10:27a.m..
Low tide:4:13p.m.
Ocean temp:52°
UV Index:8 (HIGH)

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