Saturday, June 2, 2018

It's the Weekend!

Mornin'!  It's 71° in Wildwood NJ.  Ms Sun's up and shining down.  No breezes to note.  It's humid (93%) and hazy and foggy.  It's beginning to feel a bit tropical out there.  Beginning later this morning, there's a 40% chance of a shower and/or thunderstorm passing through as clouds take over.  Temps will be in the upper 70s perhaps tapping 80° with breezes out of the SE at 5-7mph.  Tonight, flash flood warnings are posted for tonight as well as tomorrow. Some of the passing showers/storms could produce very heavy rainfall. Be aware and prepared if it floods. It'll be cloudy tonight, 60% chance of rain as temps will drop into the mid-60s with easterly winds at 12-17mph.    Tomorrow...much like today with a higher percentage of rainfall along with the windy conditions thrown in the mix.  Count on Tuesday for more pleasant, blue-sky kind of weather.   I did the beach yesterday afternoon for the first time this 2018 season. I must have typed at least five descriptive sentences to explain that experience. I keep backspacing and rewriting to try to get it right.  I packed lightly...lunch, book and sandchair (no beach cart, umbrella or blanket).  There was hardly anyone there (Wildwood Crest beach).  Low tide was happening and the beach was extra long.   It was hazy and a bit foggy as you could see the mist moving just above the sand while the sun tried her best to shine through.  The smell of the freshly raked sand was overwhelming and intoxicating.  The waves crashing provided just the perfect cool, light, refreshing breeze.  The ocean's still cold but bearable (65°).  Folks were dipping to my surprise (no lifeguards on duty).  I find the ocean uncomfortable at this temperature but somehow I just stayed in it mesmerized absorbing the cold salt water into my pores (that is from the thighs down).  The whole experience truly fed my soul and will stay there for quite awhile no doubt.  For this's the Morey's Beach Jam (hundreds of kids camping on the beach) and the National Elks Convention as the island's loaded with Elk folk.  Keep your eye on the sky this weekend!
High tide:11:31a.m.
Low tide:4:59p.m.
Ocean temp:65°
UV Index:7-8 (high)

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