Friday, June 8, 2018

World Oceans Day

Mornin'!  It's 63° in Wildwood NJ.  Ms Sun's up and shining through the somewhat cloudy but blue sky. Makes for a lovely sunrise.  Hardly a breeze out there (E-SE 0-2mph).  It's a bright and lovely start to this World Oceans Day. The world celebrates the magnificence of the Earth's oceans today.  At least 30% of our oceans must be protected.  50% of the oxygen we need to survive is generated by the ocean. The ecosystems in those vast bodies of water must be conserved if for no other reason than for our own survival.  The oceans give us life's riches and must be taken care of for the future health of us all!  It's going to be another lovely day with mostly sunny conditions and temps in the low 70s.  Breezes will commence first out of the South at 6-10mph then later this evening from the S-SW at 13-15mph.  Temps will drop back down slightly to the mid-upper 60s with mostly cloudy conditions.  It's still looking on the wet side for the weekend, unfortunately.  40-50% chance of rain tomorrow and 30-40% chance Sunday.  The Race of the Gentlemen, The Wildwood Beer Fest, The Summer Mummers Parade, and The Wildwood's Slammedenough Car Show is all this weekend  It'll be a perfectly pleasant weather day today so get on out there and be kind to that ocean of ours!
High Tide:4:12p.m.
Low Tide:9:48a.m.
Ocean Temp:65°
UV Index:9 (high)
Rip Currents:Low risk
Friday Beach Etiquette tips~
~Never leave trash on the beach and even better yet...pick up any that you see whether it's yours or not.   Note trash and recycle containers situated everywhere as The Wildwoods do recycle.
~Don't forget those cigarette butts...collect and trash them.  Or just don't smoke and pollute the lovely sea air. Never stick them in the sand and leave them...that'll be tomorrow's find for the little kid digging in the sand.  Plus, cigarette filters take years to decompose and could be taken to the ocean by the tides giving sea life harmful/toxic cigarette filter tidbits to swallow. Smoking is banned on the Boardwalk in all the towns by the way.
~Remember to pack headphones (believe it or not no one wants to hear your music blaring from your boom box).  Big, loud boom boxes are not welcomed on the beach.
~Kindly give your neighbors space when selecting your beach site. Courtesy is key. Careful not to plop down in others personal beach space.
~Teach children some beach etiquette. Running (basically "kicking") nearby others and throwing sand is a no-brainer but sometimes you'd never know it.  
~Feeding the seagulls is a big no-no. Eat and snack smartly. Using hands to express emotion when holding your sandwich up or out is a magnet for swooping gulls. Dropping one potato chip thoughtlessly will create seagull havoc. Eat under your umbrella or hooded sand chair as the seagulls are much like vultures and are endlessly eyeing beachgoers eating habits.  They're relentless trying to find the right opportune moment to swoop down and pluck your lunch right out of your hand or mouth (seen it happen many times).  If successful, seagull havoc begins as 40 other gulls come in for a food fight of your scattered lunch.  By the way, seagulls know "chip bags" and if they see one sticking out of your unsupervised beach bag, they will think nothing of helping themselves and remove the bag of chips from your bag as well as share their newly acquired snacks with their gull friends while you're taking a walk or a dip (seen it happen many times).
~Playing ball, frisbee, corn hole, or kite-flying etc is a no-no at the beach.  I mean on the back side of the beach (dune side) or other designated areas is more appropriate for active beach games.  Stay away from those camped out that are simply trying to enjoy their quiet, relaxing beach day.  The beach patrol will probably stop you if playing in the wrong area anyway.  
~Shake towels and blankets away from others noting the wind direction.
~Observe and follow posted beach warnings (closed beaches, no alcohol, strong rip currents, surfboard/boogie board area etc) and always pay attention to lifeguards.  If in doubt...ask the lifeguard (they're terrific people).
~Let's all enjoy our ocean and beach together! We must live together in peace with kindess to each other as well as our oceans.

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