Sunday, September 16, 2018

Mostly Sunny Sunday

Mornin'!  It's 71° in Wildwood NJ.  It's cloudy as Ms Sun's trying to rise and shine.  It's a little breezy (NE 5-9mph).  It's humid (94% humidity and 71° dewpoint).  We'll likely see a mix of clouds and fog for starters then sunshine as it'll eventually become a mostly sunny (with some cloudiness) day.  Temps will be in the mid 70s with breezes out of the East at 14-18mph.  Tonight...again some clear skies and some cloud cover with temps in the low 70s and breezes out of the East at 10-14mph.  Tomorrow...more cloud cover than today and Tuesday...remnants of Florence begin checking in.
High tide:2:05p.m.
Low tide:7:19a.m. and 8:10p.m.
Ocean temp:77°
UV Index:7-8
Rip Currents: Moderate

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