Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The Jewel Is Sparkling

Mornin'!  It's 71° in Wildwood NJ.  Ms Sun's up, breezes are E-SE at 4-6mph.  The neighborhood seagulls are displaying their pleasure at this perfectly lovely morning.  It'll be another sparkler from the "Jewel" of this (so far perfect) autumn season.  Expect mostly sunny conditions (some clouds in today's weather mix) with temps in the mid-upper 70s and breezes out of the S-SW at 11-13mph then shifting from the South at 13-15mph this afternoon and by tonight...S-SW again at 17-22mph.  Tonight's lovely breezes will be added to the mild temps of low 70s and mostly clear, starlit skies.  Tomorrow...more of the same!
High tide:2:11p.m.
Low tide:7:32a.m.
Ocean temp:74°
UV Index:6
Rip Currents: Moderate

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