Thursday, December 20, 2018

Wind Advisory and Flood Watch Posted This Last Day Of Autumn!

Mornin'!  It's 35° in Wildwood NJ.  It's a little frosty outside again this morning.  We're under partial cloud cover which is making for another one of those spectacular sunrises.  Ms Sun is a providing the clouds a kaleidoscope of color right along the ocean's horizon.  Everywhere else, the sky looks kind of ominous and gray.  No breezes to note... but strap in as they're coming and coming with a vengeance.  It'll probably be Autumn's way of hightailing out of here as a Coastal Storm is pushing Fall out and bringing the Winter Solstice tomorrow (the first day of Winter, as well as the beginning of the hours of daylight growing longer).   Today... expect the cloud cover to bring rain showers beginning this afternoon (80% chance) as temps rise into the low 50s (no typo).  By this afternoon, winds will become blustery out of the E-SE at 10-20mph. Tonight...very windy (SE 25-35mph +gusting), areas of fog, 100% chance of rain with temps still trying to tap 50°.  Let's talk "rain"... as there's a regional wide threat of heavy rains creating the possibility of moderate Tidal Flooding (flash flooding rain amounts could reach 4") especially tomorrow afternoon as the rains will be continuing right through into tomorrow night.  This weekend's Full Moon will also be helping these certain upcoming floodwaters advance over the island; the gusting winds will too.  There may also be minor wind damage.  They'll certainly create hazardous conditions for mariners.  Be aware of the high tides.  Remember too that the ocean high tide is an hour before the back bay (marsh side of the island) high tide.  Secure outdoor stuff.    Move vehicles to higher ground.  Don't drive through tidewater (it does major damage to the undercarriage of your vehicle).  Remember what I posted yesterday about the best way to enter and exit the island when flooding's an issue.   Hunker down and play it safe. This weekend (with the storm behind us) will be mostly sunny (and still windy) with temps in the upper 40s. Until next year Autumn, C'est la vie!
High tide:6:01p.m.
Low tide:11:48a.m.
Ocean temp:44°

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