Friday, March 22, 2019

March Is Here!

Mornin'!  It's 44° in Wildwood NJ.  It's raining lightly with winds out of the W-NW at 20-25mph +gusting.  The winds are what woke me as they're sounding much like a speeding train hauling ass down the street.  It's making those light rains feel like stinging pellets.  My hubby can vouch for that as he just took off after an empty milk gallon container from someone's recycle bin before it hit the harbor!  One more save for the plastics in the ocean.  March is here making its presence known that's for sure.  The blustery winds will continue today through tomorrow.  Things simmer down by Sunday.  Expect early rain showers as it'll be partly cloudy today with temps just about tapping the 50° mark.  Winds will be out of the W-NW at 28-40mph +gusting.  Tonight... blustery, cloudy and a 30% chance of a passing shower around dinner time, low-40s, W-NW winds at 25-30mph +gusting.  Tomorrow... Ms Sun's back along with the gusty winds that have decided to stay checked in as well as much colder temps.  Sunday... sunny, calmer winds and temps back in the upper 40s.
High Tide:9:46a.m.
Low Tide:3:50p.m.
Ocean Temp: 41°

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