Monday, March 4, 2019

Sunny Monday Dry Out

Mornin'!  It's 36° in Wildwood NJ.  No precipitation at the moment with light NW breezes at 6-8mph.  No snow.  No icy mix.  Just rain coming down last evening and very early morning.  The rains have stopped as the thick rain system hit the road awhile ago as the island's begun the dry out.  No flooding (although my backyard is one big puddle from all the heavy downpours).  It'll be a sunny day with temps in the upper 30s and NW winds ramping up at 15-25mph.  Windchill is back as it'll feel like 30° out there today.  Tonight... clear and cold with temps in the low 20s and very blustery NW winds at 15-25mph bringing on more of the biting wind chill.  Tomorrow looks like another sunny day with 10° colder temps and more (you guessed it) windchill.  Missed the "snow" bullet again but March's biting blustery winds and windchills will be making their presence known throughout this entire upcoming week.  Don't put the scarf and gloves away yet!
High tide:6:33a.m. and 6:56p.m.
Low tide:12:31p.m.
Ocean temp:40°

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