Thursday, May 23, 2019

Weather Mix Today

Mornin'!  It's 63° in Wildwood NJ.  We're currently under mostly cloud cover with breezes out of the South at 10-15mph.  Ms Sun has risen and is trying to shine along the horizon at the ocean but it seems like the clouds are winning this contest.  She is peeking through at times making for a picturesque morning along the beach.  Even though there's a chance (50%) of scattered rain and thunderstorms today, we could also see peeks of sun as temps tap 70°.  A couple forecasts I've checked reported "strong" thunderstorms by this afternoon with heavy and possibly damaging winds out of the South at 20-30mph.  One forecast mentioned "hail".  Just saying.  Hunker down and make sure all "stuff" outside is safe from being damaged, blown over or blown away. Tonight... 60% chance of scattered thunderstorms, then partly cloudy after midnight.  Temps in the low-60s with winds out of the W-SW at 15-25mph.  Tomorrow begins that stretch of really nice weather for the holiday weekend... plentiful sunshine with seasonable temps (upper 60s / low 70s).  Yesterday was a beauty and even with doing the grocery shopping and a bike ride on the boardwalk, I managed to get 7 more windows (including window curtains) cleaned before making dinner.  Things are moving along nicely in the housecleaning department I'm happy to report.  What I'm not so thrilled about is that annual quick adjustment hubby and I are in the process of making with all the additional inhabitants that have already arrived here at the Shore and those hundreds of thousands yet to make their way to the Coast this weekend.  Even though I'm a city girl at heart and used to sharing my space with lots of folk, I still have a bit of difficulty adjusting to the abrupt and sudden onslaught of vacationers (some rude, loud, fond of beeping horns and just being careless) invading the island and surrounding areas as the huge increase of noise, traffic, way too crowded parking lots, lack of parking spaces, long lines everywhere, construction (there's major construction at Rio Grande and Susquehanna Avenues as well as repairs on the bridge there coming on and off the island) becomes the norm. I'd recommend using North Wildwood to get on and off the island by the way. The crankiness of hubby from all this intensity is the hardest to endure, but this too shall pass.   If you're reading this and intend to head to the Coast this weekend, remember to be aware of those around you and be considerate and kind to one another.  That includes this Earth that we share being cognizant of where you place your trash!  Don't allow it to blow into the sea.  Safe travels!
High tide: 12:21p.m.
Low tide: 5:46p.m.
Ocean temp: 59°
Sunset: 8:14p.m.

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