Thursday, November 14, 2019

Last Of The Calm Sunny Days For Awhile

Mornin'!  It's 29° in Wildwood NJ.  It's clear with moonlit and starlit skies.  It's calm with hardly a breeze out of the SW at 2-3mph.  There's frost on the pumpkin this morning as everything outside is glistening with a layer of frost.  Hubby noted a light sheen of ice on the harbor when walking the pooch this morning as well.  Expect a partly sunny day today with temps just about tapping 50°.  Winds will remain calm today out of the SW then becoming West by this evening at 4-6mph.  There's a 50% chance of rain showers tonight (mostly on the overnight) as temps drop into the mid-upper 30s with winds remaining calm.  Enjoy as tomorrow looks like rain for the first half of the day (before noon).  Extreme winds plan on checking in and staying for the weekend.  Saturday looks cloudy and very windy as we'll probably see rain and wind through to Sunday (around mid-day).  These upcoming rainy/windy weather events are being considered Nor'easters.  Meaning... rain (40% chance) and extremely windy with more beach erosion likely (mostly in North Wildwood) and of course the chance of tidal flooding.  Strap in and don't even bother with the hairspray.
High tide:8:30AM
Low tide:2:59PM
Ocean temp: 55°

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