Saturday, February 8, 2020

Back To Calm

Photos taken in Wildwood - February 2010
Mornin'! It's 35° in Wildwood NJ.  It's clear as Ms Sun's about to brighten things up a bit.  Breezes are out of the West at 10-15mph.  It almost feels like there are no breezes after yesterday.  Jeez.  Lot's of trash strewn and tree branches down from that bad boy.  I'm not complaining.  We surely lucked out compared to the areas surrounding us.  Scary though and my pooch looks no worse for wear after spending much of the day hiding out due to those incessant wailing winds. It was reported that wind damage was occurring all around thanks to those winds yesterday.  Cape May Harbor reported 73mph gusts.  Almost all of Somers Point was without power at one time.  And, 25% of Hammonton was too.  I did hear that power was restored pretty quickly.  Hearing power outtages did take me to 10 years ago this week when we were without power in Wildwood for 6 days - photos added on today's blog.  Something good came out of that tense and edgy week... we booked our very first trip to Key West when we were up and running and have called it our vacation spot ever since!
As for flooding yesterday... we did have some tidal flooding in the low-lying areas yesterday including the area of construction at the foot of the Redding Bridge which was closed due to it.  It's all behind us now and it feels as calm as a cucumber (whatever that means) at the moment.  It does feel wintry and cold and crisp when stepping onto the back porch.  There's a layer of white frost on everything which no doubt will be dissipating soon enough.
Expect a bright sunny day with winds out of the West at 10-15mph  Temps will hover in the mid-40s.  Tonight... clear and brightly lit by the moon (the Full Moon is coming in the very early morn tomorrow).  Temps will drop into the mid-30s with S-SW winds at 2-5mph.  Tomorrow... another sunny one!
High Tide: 6:31AM and 7:05PM
Low Tide: 1:11PM
Ocean Temp: 40°
Sunrise: 6:57AM
Sunset: 5:30PM
Moonrise: 4:49PM
The upcoming week looks like this...
Monday: Rain
Tuesday: Rain
Wednesday: Sunshine
Thursday: Rain
Friday: Sunshine
Saturday: Sunshine
Sunday: Sunshine

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Jim Anders said...

Nice photos. About the only white I've seen this winter. Does the mild winter mean a cool summer or a scorcher? The Groundhog doesn't prognosticate on that one!