Sunday, February 2, 2020

Groundhog Day - 02/02/2020 Palindrome Day

Mornin'!  It's 38° in Wildwood NJ.  Punxatawney Phil is about head out of his burrow and let us all know if there's six more weeks of Winter or not. By the time I'm done typing... we'll know for sure.  It's currently clear and damp outside.  Ms Sun's up.  It's rained most of the overnight and everything got a nice soaking.  Breezes are light out of the West at 8-11mph.  We're out of any leftover mist and fog but there are areas of patchy fog around us this morning.  There will also be areas of cloudy skies surrounding the coast this morning and as early afternoon approaches, we may have some occasional rain showers (40% chance).  But, mostly it'll be partly sunny / partly cloudy day with temps in the mid-upper 40s with winds all over the place.  The current West winds will switch to the W-SW then to the SW then tonight back to the W-SW again all at 9-14mph.  Tonight's temps will be in the upper 30s / low 40s.  Tomorrow will be get this... mid-upper 50s with plenty of sunshine!  Oh... that ol' groundhog Phil has not seen his shadow... and we will not see 6 more weeks of Winter!  An early Spring if you can believe it according to that prophectic rodent!  Riveting?  It is the first time ever that it's ever been back to back early Spring predictions and we'll have to wait and see if this lack of a groundhog's shadow is the real deal.

High Tide: 1:52PM
Low Tide: 7:46AM and 7:43PM
Ocean Temp: 39°
Sunrise: 7:03AM
Sunset: 5:23PM
Daylight Savings Time: 35 Days 
Full Moon: Next Sunday (the 9th)
Spring: Officially 46 more days

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