Thursday, February 6, 2020

Thursday Washout

Mornin'!  It's 46° in Wildwood NJ.  We're in the midst of morning rain showers as we're having a S-SW blow at 10-15mph.  It rained most of the overnight as we're soaked and at the moment... no signs of tidal flooding.  Ottens Harbor nearby is swollen and it appears the waters could spill onto the street at any moment.  There is a Tidal Flood Watch posted from 1pm today until tomorrow afternoon.  Remember that the back bay / marsh area has high tide an hour later than the posted time (ocean's tide times).  And, the Full Moon is Sunday which creates higher than normal tides.  Be cognizant of where you drive or park your vehicle.  And, don't drive through corrosive flood waters.
Expect periods of rain today (95% chance) with temps in the low 50s.  Winds will be out of the S-SW at 10-15mph.  Tonight... periods of rain (100% chance).  Temps in the mid-upper 40s and South winds at 15-20mph.  We could possibly receive over an inch of rain before the day's out.  Tomorrow... rain in the morning and by later morning / early afternoon... we could have just a mostly cloudy day. Saturday... Ms Sun returns as does the cooler temps (low 40s).  Sunday... the wet conditions previously forecasted are null and void as it looks mostly sunny.  However, Monday and Tuesday remain rainy as posted in the weather reports.  It's looking like a homemade pot of soup day... "Squash Bisque"!
High Tide: 5:27PM
Low Tide: 11:33AM
Ocean Temp: 40°
Sunrise: 6:59AM
Sunset: 5:28PM

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