Tuesday, March 24, 2020

New Moon Tuesday

Mornin'!  It's 43° in Wildwood NJ.  We're under cloud cover as Ms Sun's peeking through just at the horizon line.  The dark cloud just above her rays are beginning to turn shades of purple and pink as this morning's sunrise colorful show begins.  Breezes are light out of the NW at 8-10mph.  We're going to have a mix of sun and clouds today as temps get into the low-50s.  N-NW winds are on tap shifting to the S-SW then to the SE all at 5-10mph.  Tonight... overcast, temps down into the low-mid 40s with E-SE winds at 10-20mph.  Tomorrow... a repeat of miserable yesterday with rain and wind as temps barely tap 50°.  Winds will be out of the E-NE at 25-35mph+gusting as the rains fall sideways.  Grateful for that homemade soup I whipped up yesterday... "root" soup as I used up what I had in my crisper (turnip, sweet potato, white potato, carrot and parsnip), and herbs along with chicken and of course a couple spoonfuls of orzo.  It'll taste just as good tomorrow for that wicked weather on its way.
High tide: 8:36AM
Low tide: 2:50PM
Ocean temp: 48°
Sunrise: 6:56AM
Sunset: 7:16PM

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