Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Gray Hump

Mornin'!  It's 51° in Wildwood NJ.  Happy Hump Day! We're under cloud cover with a lot of dampness in the air.  Almost feels misty.  Breezes are out of the East at 10-15mph.  It'll be a cloudy morning with a chance of showers (50% chance) beginning this afternoon.  Temps will stay right about where they are now.  Winds will be out of the E-NE at 10-20mph.  Tonight... 20% chance of precipitation with temps dropping to the mid-40s and Northerly winds at 10-20mph.  Tomorrow... back to sunshine with temps in the low-60s and W-NW winds at 10-20mph.  At this time, the weekend's looking much cooler with Saturday's temp only a high of 45° and blustery, while Sunday will be sunny and in the mid-50s.  The Full Moon is tomorrow and we're likely to see the moonrise with the clear skies at 8:27PM.  Remember though that the tides will be much higher and lower than normal and we could experience some tidal flooding on the low-lying areas.
High tide: 7:47PM
Low tide: 1:36PM
Ocean temp: 53°
Sunrise: 5:55AM
Sunset: 7:57PM
Corona Virus Cases in NJ: 130,593
Corona Virus Deaths in NJ: 8,244
Corona Virus Cases in Cape May County: 369
Corona Virus Deaths in Cape May County: 26

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Jim Anders said...

A Moving Picture... with sound? Bravo! There's a guy in AC that films the sunrise everyday. Nice!