Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Veterans Day

My Hubby - US Army 1970
Mornin'!  A salute to our Veterans today!  This weather blog is dedicated to you!  It's 63° in Wildwood NJ.  It's mild this morning with mostly clear skies and breezes out of the South at 10-15mph.  Humidity's in the air at 99% and there are clouds filtering in around us.  It'll be a mild day with clouds and rain developing this afternoon.  Near record high temps at 71° with those Southerly breezes at 10-20mph.  Chance of rain is 90%.  Tonight... 100% chance of rain with a low of 61° and S-SW winds at 10-20mph.  1-2 inches of rain are expected.  Tomorrow... more rain and mild temps with N-NE winds at 10-20mph.  Friday... more rain ahead.  Saturday the sun returns and begins to dry us out and now it seems that Sunday will be sunny as well.  Thanks to all our Veterans who have served our Country!  
High tide: 3:52PM
Low tide: 10:00AM
Ocean temp: 60°
Sunrise: 6:38AM
Sunset: 4:49PM
Corona Virus Cases in NJ: 262,230
Corona Virus Deaths in NJ: 16,461
Corona Virus Cases in CMC: 1,247
Corona Virus Deaths in CMC: 102

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