Saturday, July 20, 2019

Weekend of Heatwave

Mornin'!  It's 81° in Wildwood NJ.  Humidity's 91% and the Dewpoint is 78°.  It's steamy and it's 6:30 in the morning.  It's gonna be a very hot one today as temps hit the low 90s (feeling like 104°).  Breezes will be mostly off the land (there's none to write about at the moment) at W-WSW at 8-10mph (pack the insect repellent).  The humidity will drop a bit this afternoon... around 70%.  Tonight... more steam as temps drop into the low-80s again with SW breezes at 6-9mph with humidity building up and feeling like 95°.  Tomorrow... more of the same as this "heatwave" continues thanks to Martha and the Vandellas!   Remember... pack the water, sunblock, shade (hat, umbrella etc.) and footwear.
High tide: 11:17AM
Low tide: 4:52PM
Ocean temp: 74°
Sunset: 8:22PM
UV Index: Very High (10)
Rip Currents: Low Risk

Friday, July 19, 2019

The Heatwave Is Here!

Mornin'!  It's 76° in Wildwood NJ.  We're under hazy skies with Ms Sun shining through it all.  Not much in breezes but they're out of the NW at 2-3mph.  Humidity's 98% with a Dewpoint of 75°.  In the words of Marilyn... "We're having a heatwave, a tropical heatwave"!  It'll be checked in right through the entire weekend too.  Take heed with all the warnings posted and announced on the news.  Play it smart and be safe.  It'll be hot today with temps in the low-90s feeling like 100°+ due to the humidity.   Sitting on the beach along the water's edge will probably be your best bet in keeping cool today but that sand will scorch you trying to get there.  We're going to have light breezes coming from many directions.  Beginning early this morning out of the NW, then switching later this morning out of the N-NE, then Westerly briefly this morning, then W-SW early this afternoon, then South later this afternoon, then SW this evening.  Most of the day it will be 6-8mph and tonight... 8-12mph.  No rain or storms in today's forecast.  Tonight... clear with temps in the low 80s.  Tomorrow... more of the same.  And, Sunday more of the same.
High tide: 10:33a.m.
Low tide: 4:14p.m.
Ocean temp: 74°
UV Index: 10 (very high)
Rip Currents: Low risk

It's Friday!
Friday Beach Tips and Beach Etiquette...
~Important things to pack for the beach... water, (I also have a small spray bottle of fresh water for you never know what), hat, footwear, towel, sunblock, insect repellent, first aid kit, and shade (umbrella or sand chair with a canopy), something to read and I enjoy taking my crocheting, oh... and a small trash bag to collect any trash you may have accumulated while there.
~When planting an umbrella be aware of wind speed as you may have to take extra steps to secure it such as sand (screw) grabber or bungee cord.  It's pretty amazing how not secure some umbrellas can be as the wind launches them directly toward unknowing folks relaxing right in the line of fire. 
~Note the tide times when going to the beach.  If the tide is at it's highest, you can sit as close to the water as you want as the tide will take the entire day to go down to low tide.  You'll literally sit and watch the beach grow as the water slowly recedes a block or more away.  
~A new beach posting is there's "No Smoking" on the beach anymore.  That includes "vapes" and especially "cigars".  Some beaches do have designated areas posted.  Look for signs.  There's also "No Smoking" on the boardwalk.  I think most of the seaside towns up and down the coast have passed this new law.
~Kindly give your beach neighbors space when selecting your beach campsite. Courtesy is key. Careful not to plop only inches from others' blankets/umbrellas. 
~No dogs allowed on the beach (except for the wonderful dog beaches the Wildwoods provide). 
~Never leave trash on the beach and even better yet...pick up any that you see whether it's yours or not.   Note trash and recycle containers are situated everywhere.
~Remember to pack headphones for your music device or at least keep the volume down to a minimum (believe it or not no one really wants to hear your music not to mention your beach neighbor just might be quietly trying to listen to their own music).  
~Teach children beach etiquette. Running (basically "kicking" up sand) as well as throwing sand is a no-brainer but sometimes you'd never know it.  
~Feeding the seagulls is a big no-no. Eat and snack smartly. Using hands to express oneself when holding your sandwich up or out is a magnet for swooping gulls. Dropping one potato chip carelessly while eating will create seagull havoc. Eat under your umbrella or hooded sand chair as the seagulls are much like vultures and are endlessly eyeing beachgoers eating habits.  They're relentless trying to find the right opportune moment to swoop down and pluck your lunch right out of your hand or mouth (seen it happen many times).  By the way, seagulls know "chip bags" and if they see one sticking out of your unsupervised beach bag, they will think nothing of helping themselves and remove the bag of chips from your bag as well as share their newly acquired snacks with their gull friends while you're taking a walk or a dip (seen it happen many times).
~Playing ball, frisbee, horseshoes, corn hole, or kite-flying, etc is a no-no at the beach.  The backside of the beach (dune side) or other designated areas are more appropriate for active beach games.  Stay away from those camped out that are simply trying to enjoy their beach day and knock yourself out.  The beach patrol will probably stop you if playing in the wrong area anyway.  
~Shake towels and blankets away from others noting the wind direction.
~Observe and follow posted beach warnings (closed beaches, no alcohol, strong rip currents, surfboard/boogie board area, etc) and always pay attention to lifeguards.  If in doubt...ask the lifeguard.

~Couresty is key.  Be kind to one another.  Happy Beaching!

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Unsettled Thursday

Mornin'!  It's 74° in Wildwood NJ. We're currently under cloudy skies with breezes out of the W-SW at 9-11mph.  We had a nice watering last night as those ol' thunderstorms drifted over the island giving us some early  (lightning) fireworks along with that nice dosing.  It's still sticky out there with humidity at 95% and dewpoint of 74°.  The humidity will drop and stay around 75% today.  These clouds should move over for Ms Sun (any time now) as it'll be a partly sunny / partly cloudy day with a 50% chance of showers and/or thunderstorms by late this afternoon.  Temps will hover around the upper 80s / low 90s.  Winds will be out of the S-SW at 5-10mph.  Tonight... mostly cloudy with showers and/or thunderstorms likely (70% chance) as the humidity stays checked in while the temps head back into the (upper) 70s.  Winds will be out of the SW at 5-10mph.  Tomorrow looks like we'll be back to sunny skies and very hot conditions.  The weekend looks more of the same.  We're having a heatwave and don't forget to pack plenty of water!
High tide: 9:51a.m.
Low tide: 3:34p.m.
Ocean temp: 69°
Sunset: 8:24p.m.
UV Index: high (8-9)
Rip Current: Low risk

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Hazy, Hot, Humid, Highfalutin Humpday

Mornin'!  It's 78° in Wildwood NJ.  It's cloudy.  It's quiet and mostly still (SW breezes at 4-6mph).  Not much for hearing the island birds as they must be hanging elsewhere this morning.  It's humid... 84% with a dewpoint of 75°.  It'll be partly sunny/partly cloudy today with temps hovering around 90° feeling very humid with that dewpoint in the mid-upper 70s.  We'll begin to feel the effects of "Barry" (that southern storm from the weekend) as there's a 20% chance of a passing shower later today. Breezes will pick up significantly and be out of the S-SW at 15-25mph (pack a bungee or sand-grabber if heading to the beach just in case).  Tonight... cloudy with 50% chance of scattered rain showers and/or thunderstorms.  There's a possibility of tidal flooding too since the Full Moon was yesterday providing much higher than normal tides which could very well seep into the streets.  Temps will drop back to where they are now (upper 70s) as that humidity increases. Winds will be out of the S-SW at 15-20mph.  Tomorrow... we'll probably wake to cloud cover breaking up as Ms Sun intends to shine down but it'll be one of those hazy, hot and humid days down the Shore.  As for the weekend... at this point, it looks like a heatwave is approaching as it'll be very warm with hazy sunshine pouring down.
High tide: 9:08a.m.
Low tide: 2:53p.m.
Ocean temp: 71°
UV Index: Very High
Rip Current: High... most likely due to the windy conditions today (a "high" risk means the ocean's current is in the danger zone for anyone entering the surf.  Take note of posted flags at your beach and check with your lifeguard for any swimming risks.)

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Full Moon Tuesday

Mornin'!  It's 78° in Wildwood NJ.  It's sunny.  It's still (breezes out of the SW at 3-4mph).  It's a little humid (84%) with a dewpoint of 71°.  It'll be another lovely day down the shore with plentiful sunshine, breezes out of the South at 5-10mph with temps near 90°.  Tonight... some clouds roll in as there's a 20% chance of a passing shower and/or thunderstorm.  Temps will head back to the mid-70s with S-SW breezes at 8-11mph.  Full Moon is tonight! Tomorrow... a mostly sunny day with clouds in the mix and Thursday... unsettled with lots of cloud cover along with chances of rain showers or storms.
High tide: 8:25a.m.
Low tide: 2:09p.m.
Ocean temp: 73°
Sunset: 8:25p.m.
Moonrise: 8:27p.m.
UV Index: 10 (very high)
Rip Current: Low risk.
If interested in "Beach Tips and Beach Courtesies", check out any of my Friday entries!

Monday, July 15, 2019

Marvelous Monday

Feeding the seagulls is not suppose to happen
Mornin'!  It's 73° in Wildwood NJ.  What a difference a day makes!  It's lovely outside this morning.  The humidity's checked out for a little while... it's 69% with a dewpoint of 62°.  There's a light N-NE breeze at 5-10mph coming off the cool ocean water.  Ms Sun's up and shining down.  The birds are making their happy presence known.  The air conditioner is still on though... no outside sea air is wifting (wafting) in my home, unfortunately.  It'll be a beautiful sunny day with temps in the mid-upper 80s (we got up to 93 humid degrees yesterday).  The N-NE early morning breezes will shift from the SE a bit later this morning.  Then, shift again from the South and finally later this afternoon shift from the S-SW all at about 9-11mph.  Tonight will be clear and moonlit (the full moon is tomorrow) with temps in the mid-upper 70s as humidity climbs back up to 80%.  We should have a nice (almost) full moon rise tonight.  It'll be nice on the beach but remember footwear, sunblock and insect repellent.  Oh, and tomorrow looks pretty much the same as today.  In fact, most of the week ahead does with the exception of Thursday.  That one looks a bit unsettled and possibly rainy.
High tide: 7:39AM and 7:58PM
Low tide: 1:23PM
Ocean temp: 74°
Sunset: 8:26PM
Moonrise: 7:39PM
UV Index: 9 (very high)
Rip Currents: Low Risk

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Hot And Mostly Sunny Sunday

Mornin'!  It's 75° in Wildwood NJ.  It's sunny, warm and humid.  Right now the humidity's 92% with a Dewpoint of 73°.  Expect a warm one today with plenty of sunshine.  The humidity will drop (low-mid 70%) as there will be some cloud cover in the mix.  But temps will be hovering in the low-90s and it'll be a hot one today.  Warm land breezes will be out of the West at 10-15mph (pack the insect repellent).  Tonight... partly cloudy skies with temps back down into the low-70s and Northerly (more refreshing) breezes at 5-10mph.
High tide: 6:49a.m. and 7:13p.m.  (the Full Moon is Tuesday and the tides are becoming higher and lower than normal)
Low tide: 12:35p.m.
Ocean temp: 74°
Sunset: 8:26p.m.
UV Index: 9 (very high)
Rip Currents: Low risk 
Note: The beach sand will be a scorcher today so be prepared... footwear, plenty of water, sunscreen, umbrella (with bungee or sand grabber) and insect repellent.