Tuesday, December 29, 2009

12/29/09's forecast

Ok...next blog. The weather's looking like major crap today. Real windy. Big gusts. Not good at all for a trash day. Or, if you wear contacts and live on an island. Our local guy is saying up to 40mph gusts. I can hear the siding sliding off as I type. (only kidding). Here's the kicker...downright COLD. We're talking chill factor in the teens. However, it's gonna be sunny and will remain sunny for another day. It's still definitely a day for a Carhartt jacket (add long underwear) if you're a delivery man. As for the upcoming holiday...still looking at wet weather for NewYearsEve. And, it's looking like a storm with a wintry mix while dancing at Casey's. I'm keeping a close watch on that. Oh a by the way, 2009 was one of the wettest years on record. Certainly in the top 5. June 2009 was a month of rain...23 days out of 30! Until next time~
p.s. turkey sandwich for lunch today!


ryder said...

Awesome! Love this blog! It was my idea!!!!!!
Gotta get Joe involved as well. Keep up the posts and you should put your site up on facebook so your friends know about it too!
Love you!<3

Henry H. Turtle said...

turkey sandwich for lunch today?? this is not facebook, weirdo!