Friday, June 19, 2015

Spring's winding down

The beautiful Sunset Lake - Wildwood Crest
Mornin'!  It's 69° in Wildwood.  It's beginning to clear and dry out after some intense thunderstorms overnight.  Once again the garden is watered!  It'll be warm and mostly sunny as clouds are also in the mix a bit today.  Temps will be in the mid-80s with breezes off the land (N-NW) at 13-15mph...a warm one today!  Tonight...mostly cloudy and down to around 69° with breezes light and variable.  The  Tomorrow still looks the better of the two days...mix of clouds and sun with a stray thunderstorm possible.  Sunday (The 1st Day of Summer)...90% chance of rain. So far... Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday look decent if you're headed this way.
High tide:10:56a.m.
Low tide:4:31p.m.
Ocean temp:67°

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