Monday, April 1, 2019

Happy April! April Fools Day!

Mornin'! It's 32° in Wildwood NJ with a 27° windchill. I was going to write that this is my last blog but I did that one last year as an April Fools joke. Someone did post that Morey's is taking away their infamous french fries replacing them with healthy snacks (kale chips, chickpeas, etc) which got a pretty huge (ugly) reaction... just another "April Fools".  So, welcome Ms April!  You're coming in with a bang as it's been majorly windy and blustery.  Winds are out of the North at 20-25mph.  They'll be switching to the W-NW at 15-20mph today with plentiful sunshine and temps reaching the mid-40s.  Windchill will be around 39°.  Tonight... clear, low-40s and NW winds at only 3-6mph with no wind chill!  And, that's no April Fools joke.  Tomorrow looks to be much cloudier with rain in the evening.
High tide:6:45p.m.
Low tide:12:15p.m.
Ocean temp:45°

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