Monday, July 5, 2010

Hazy, Hot, Humid Monday

Mornin'! A little later than usual today, but the gridlock of the late night traffic kept me awake last night. Crazy 4th of July gridlock that we experience each and every year on the island as the crowds try and leave the island after the firework show exploding over the ocean. For some reason, the drivers think our section of the island (west of Park Avenue) will take them out and over the bridge and on their way home. It doesn't in some sections...they hit the harbor and a dead end. try and get out...not gonna happen. What does happen...gridlock right outside my home. Horns beeping, impatient folks hollering, smokey burnouts everywhere...kinda ugly. Wish I had taken a photo of it. It didn't end until after 1a.m. putting a crimp in my rest time; even making me as irritable as the gridlockers. Ok... on to the's currently 81 degrees in WW. Breeze...westerly at 5-8mph. Temps will go way up into the 90's and may hit 100 in some areas. We're talking "hot sand". High tide is 1:52p.m. today. Water temp is 74 degrees. Another glorious beach day!

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Jim Anders said...

"Hazy. Hot. Humid." For some reason the 4H Club popped into my head. We need another "H" here. Please send help.