Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Literal "Calm before the Storm"

Mornin'!  It's 62° under cloudy skies and some breezy conditions out of the East (10-mph).  What do I say?  I was arrogant enough in August 2011 to say, "We actually did the evacuation of our lifetime."  But not we're evacuating again tomorrow.  It's hard to explain your feelings when you look around your humble abode and think I may not see it this way again.  Today is hunker down day but hunkering is no match for Mother Nature as the ocean is 6 blocks away and the bay that's ½ block away.  Prayers and Xanax are what may see us through.  Today will literally be the calm before the storm as WW will be mild (upper 60's) with breezes staying 10-15mph from the East.  Tomorrow...the winds and rain will begin...Strong offshore winds at 30-40mph turning into galeforce winds Monday and continuing even stronger Tuesday.  My trusty surfing website posts that by Sunday night the wave heights will be 14-16' high which doesn't include the rain, full moon or high tide happening simultaneously.  There's nothing good to write about Hurricane Sandy or what folks are saying "Frankenstorm" I'm sorry to say.  It's in Mother Nature's hands.  Thankfully today will be an OK day to get 'er done.  And, that's what I'm about to do that's after I color my hair.  God Bless the Wildwoods.
High tide: 7:10p.m.
Low tide:12:51p.m.
Ocean temp: 63°


Anonymous said...

I pray that they are wrong with this. I live in Pa and i am worried...i cannot imagine how you feel. I wish you the best. God bless you, and beautiful Wildwood as well. I am in tears writing this.

Anonymous said...

this woman writng this blog has lost her mind. WTF is she doing with the Clairol when she should be evacuating the island??? Insane. Yes, may God Bless this Weather Freak!