Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday's Mixed Bag

Mornin'! It's 70° in Wildwood.  We're currently under cloud cover and heavy fog with not much in the line of breezes as the humidity is fairly thick.  The island's fragrance surrounds us as the birds seem happy this morning as their chirping and squawking is the only sound breaking the morning silence.  It'll be a somewhat pleasant day after we get through the fog and heavy clouds and a few passing morning showers.  Breaks of sun are expected later but so are isolated thunderstorms this afternoon (60%) but for the most part...not a total washout.  Tomorrow...basically the same with 30% chance of rain/thunderstorms and Sunday even a lesser chance.  Breezes will be from the NE at 15-20mph as they spread the aroma and smoke of outstanding barbeque grilling in North Wildwood as today is the kickoff for the State BBQ Championship and Blues Fest.  Yum.
High tide:11:33a.m.
Low tide:5:08p.m.
Ocean temp:72°
IMPORTANT FOOTNOTE: It's 1:30p.m. and it's been torrential raining (tropical downpour style) for the last couple hours.  I would NOT call this a "somewhat pleasant day" or a "passing shower".  This is an incredible torrential, non-stop downpour!  These weather forecasters have their heads up their butts (and I'm being kind)!  The island's flooded by the way. 

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