Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Mornin'!  It's 79° in WW.  Whew! We're talking major "hazy, hot and humid" conditions this morning.  You can cut the humidity with a knife (90%). Sun's just about up and I can only think what that will feel like once it's blazing over us.  Temps are going into the mid-90's today.  Talk about hot sand on the beach!  So, we're in the thick of this heatwave and my guess is the only relief is by the ocean today.  Or, in air conditioning.  No rain due in as breezes are almost null and void out of the N-NW at 0-5mph. Today's necessities...footwear, umbrella and hydration...lots of hydration.
High tide:2:36p.m.
Low tide:8a.m.
Ocean temp:71°

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